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Bulgarian Evrotrust Secures €3.3M Investment to Expand Digital Identity Solutions Across Europe

February 7, 2024

Bulgarian digital identity and trust services provider, Evrotrust, secured a €3.3M investment led by Silverline Capital, aiming to expand operations into new European markets and diversify into retail and SMB segments

Bulgarian Evrotrust, a digital identity and trust services provider, secured €3.3M investment in a round led by Silverline Capital, a private fund providing mezzanine and equity solutions to mid-market businesses. The funding will aim to support the expansion of the operations across new markets in Europe, as well as incorporating new segments, including retail and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

With the new regulatory framework of thе EU (EIDAS 2.0), the company is able to issue eIDs, as well as the new Digital Identity Wallets, which would be legally accepted across all European markets. 

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